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Atheist? Check Again

Cece Alex

Text includes:
biblical references, atheism, creation


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Publication: 07.03.2019 — 07.03.2019

Annotation to the book "Atheist? Check Again"

It's interesting what a man can do with the words that come out of his mouth. Yet, a number of us still believe we are atheists.
Naturally, we desire to have explanations and reasons for every occurrence in life because we are human. It’s our basic nature. And we often find it hard to believe in things that we do not see or understand. Many do not believe in the existence of God. But what does a person lose from simply believing in the right way?
This book does not condemn anyone's belief system. Rather in it, you will find good reasons to never ever bother about the word atheist again. When reading, remember to keep an open mind and enjoy every moment because you've got nothing to lose.
You will understand and learn to embrace your godly status because you are the apex of all creation.

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Brian Downtown 08.03.2019, 11:50:25

is it some kind of a research on your own?

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Cece Alex 08.03.2019, 12:11:08

Brian Downtown, It's not exactly research but there are relevant references that have been used to support the reasoning in this book. The writing style is kept simple so that the logic is easy to understand.

A. Neeson 07.03.2019, 11:29:41

you write in so many different genres

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Cece Alex 07.03.2019, 11:49:24

A. Neeson, Yes, I love writing and there are so many interesting things about life :)

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