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Bad Girls Don't Get Hurt


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collegeromance, music, heartbreak


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Description of book "Bad Girls Don't Get Hurt"

Blue Rivers can't seem to escape her past. It always seems to haunt her and drag her back into its abyss. Her mother is doing time and she's left as the only caregiver to her young brother. She's convinced herself that she's not worthy of love and never will be. When she gets paired off with straight-A student Corbyn Coleman, she slightly changes her stance that all men are the dogs, because h's kind, sweet and generous with his time, patient with her; best of all he's genuine. Unfortunately, his brother got to her first,and she has to keep her distance and fight her feeling for Corbyn. But after a painful, messy breakup, that leaves her shattered and damaged she finds herself turning to the safety of Corbyn's arms.
Blue is a bad girl. Corbyn is a good boy. How will they make this work?

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Ana 06.12.2019, 06:12:36

U are a very good writer and ur stories are best I just love them all :)

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caramelcherries 06.12.2019, 07:20:49


Cira Shalash 06.12.2019, 00:20:27

your stories are the best

Ariadne Roberts 05.12.2019, 18:29:37

can´t wait for more

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 03.12.2019, 04:56:49

More please!

Good girl 30.11.2019, 12:20:56

its sooo goood

Veronica Vera 29.11.2019, 01:30:34


Karoline Stars 28.11.2019, 22:07:30

incredible story

Tina John 28.11.2019, 15:55:38

Oh thou great writer of the great, sizzling-hot, sexiest, baddest duo of the music industry; Kyle Kinley and Jordan Carter, I hail thee....................

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Tina John 28.11.2019, 18:16:43

caramelcherries, Nope, we couldn't.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 25.11.2019, 21:48:02

Nice! Next one please! the update very much.

Ana 25.11.2019, 19:58:31

Nice one!!!! I really like it.

Joko Fabela 24.11.2019, 14:51:22

so interesting, waiting for more pages

A. Neeson 23.11.2019, 15:39:20

publish more please

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 23.11.2019, 01:17:34

Just spotted this story.....up for a really good one. Please update soonest...cant wait

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