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Bad Moon On The Rise


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romance, werewolves, maturecontent


Restriction: 18+

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#1 in Romantic mystery
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Ongoing: 24 Jun 43 pages

Publication: 30.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Bad Moon On The Rise"

The full moon isn’t the only thing about to rise in Stillwater.
Leila Dupree has been a lone wolf for the past year since escaping from her brutal pack and the sadistic alpha who turned her. Leila has had enough of wolves and men..She never stays in one place to long in an attempt to shield her heart and stay out of her old packs’ clutches. Her latest job is at the Stillwater Bar and grill in a sleepy little town near the Florida Everglades. But the uncomplicated life and solitude Leila seeks is threatened both by the dashing bar owner Sterling Mount and the murder of one of the bar regulars right outside the bar during a full moon.Lelia joins forces with the charming Sterling Mount in an effort to catch a killer. Murders are bad for business but not so much for budding romances it seems.

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Jenna Saren 17.06.2019, 15:16:06

will we read the full text?

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AnnaRCase 21.06.2019, 02:39:25

Jenna Saren, no problem. I always answer. thanks again

Korey Charles 30.05.2019, 12:52:31

is it the last book of the Moon series?

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Korey Charles 12.06.2019, 17:33:21

AnnaRCase, oh, now I see:)

Ummut Toyyibeen 05.06.2019, 23:20:09

um....not in yet?

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AnnaRCase 06.06.2019, 01:31:13

if you are referring to an update, I will do my best to have another by Friday. I'm writing 3 books currently and unfortunately must work a real job fulltime also :(

Ummut Toyyibeen 05.06.2019, 00:43:58

great loving it

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AnnaRCase 05.06.2019, 01:56:00

Thank you for reading and commenting! I usually write young adult novels so this a different writing experience for me altogether. I'm glad you like it :)

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