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Becoming Normal


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drama, younglove, asperger syndrome


Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 15.07.2019 — 24.07.2019

Description of book "Becoming Normal"

Senior year of high school is already starting off well for Tanner Gray, he's got his whole life planned out, and he can't wait to share it with his best friend and girlfriend. That is until he meets Autumn Blanchard, a shy and mysterious outcast he's known since Freshman year. When he finally talks to her, he learns the reason behind her odd behavior, she's diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Because of her disability, Autumn couldn't imagine a popular guy like Tanner to be talking to her, thinking it's part of a joke. But when the opposite pair start spending time together, Tanner starts to see a whole new side of Autumn, and at the same time, the two grow closer to each other.
But being an Aspie is not easy for Autumn, all she wants is to be normal, but she knows she can't. She has to s

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Good girl 22.07.2019, 15:01:51

she just doesn´t want to talk, don´t bother her

John Mitchell 17.07.2019, 18:00:12

its difficult to be normal

Cathy Evans 16.07.2019, 17:30:42

my cousin has this syndrome and her life sucks

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