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Behind The Shadows

Nkechi Ajogwu

Story about:
betrayal, it is a story about greed, family and trust


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#3 in Paranormal
#9 in Romantic mystery

Ongoing: 01 May 7 pages

Publication: 01.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Behind The Shadows "

Flora Clinton a pure rogue, a rugged farm girl who although had nice qualities was not the ideal family's sweetheart. What happens when she is confronted by a mysterious shadow asking her to avenge the death of her parents?

Suddenly, prominent people who are her father's colleagues begin to die. Could she be the killer? Or is there someone else?
To the killer, Can hatred overrule love? Can revenge overrule happiness? Can greed overrule family?
Or would the quest to satisfy one's desire overrule everything? leaving behind shambles of hatred and the need to rise above it.

Stay thrilled as we uncover the mystery behind the shadows.

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Linsey Smith 02.05.2019, 01:08:26

I enjoy mystery stories

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Nkechi Ajogwu 02.05.2019, 17:45:22

Linsey Smith, I'm pleased :)

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