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After a terrible break up, a ghastly accident, Ciara became a stranger to everyone. Including herself. She tries not to remember her past but it seems impossible. Her family moved away to a small town where they think is much more quiet and would help Ciara forget about her past and start a new life. Her past came back to get her after a long time.

She cross part in this small town with two guys. Jason and Alex. These two guys make Ciara want to be a better person. A better person than she was before. Emotions starts to unfold and she is in a dilemma. These two obnoxious and overly rich guys make Ciara see things in different ways.

Read to find out as emotions rise, secrets unfolds and a whole ride of roller coaster drama.

Will Ciara love again? Will she accept herself?

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Anuoluwa 12.12.2018, 13:45:13

Blank space is a sure read!! Intriguing and through out the entire time, it puts me on my toes. I feel like writing a whole lots more but I can’t really do that without spilling all the tea in this book. I’m happy I stumbled on this book

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Fatimazarah 12.12.2018, 14:10:33

Anuoluwa, thanks

Anna Morrigan 07.12.2018, 14:26:25

nice story, but I'd recommend you write all the beginning of the sentences in capital letters:)

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Anna Morrigan 09.12.2018, 12:48:35

Fatimazarah, you're welcome!

Amie Knight 08.12.2018, 19:09:55


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Fatimazarah 08.12.2018, 19:29:08

Amie Knight, thanks! really appreciate. I would love it if you help click the star button

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