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Blood & Death - Volume 2, Jaegar


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immortal, vampire, dark fantasy


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Description of book "Blood & Death - Volume 2, Jaegar"

The vampire Jaegar, has always served Rìghfuil, The Blood King. He is The Blood King's greatest hunter and killer. His purpose is to seek out humans who are marked to die by blood spilling. Killing is all that he has ever known. Having been given to The Blood King when he was very young, he has never questioned his life. Driven by his craving for living, human blood and his loyalty to The Blood King, he has had no reason to question. That was, until he assisted a beautiful Portent, who was in the service of Death. Death and Rìghfuil as rivals, makes the Portent a rival to Jaegar. His life begins to make less sense to him. Still pondering that, he is now catapulted into a world of deception, betrayal, power and the inevitable battle between life and death.

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Kessily Brunet 05.01.2020, 00:52:40

I like the beginning

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