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Blood Suckers

Hamo Woods

Story about:
drama, vampires, rock and roll


Restriction: 18+

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#28 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in Paranormal

Ongoing: 13 Sep 14 pages

Publication: 13.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Blood Suckers"

After inheriting a piece of land and seeing his best friend Tommy be part of a brutal toxic relationship, Eric decides that the best thing for both of them is to start over on the land that will be their home, in a different country with a horrible reputation in the United States. United.

Trying to find themselves while old wounds heal may be affected after a missing 80s shook rock band returns from the grave at the same time as mysterious deaths take place throughout South Kanston.

Between vampires, vices, and Rock, Eric and Tommy should avoid falling into temptations that could end their mortal lives.

Could both young men stop the vampires' gang or succumb to them?

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Clayton Terrel 13.09.2019, 14:49:58

hmmm...vampire theme tends to be enjoyable, let's see...

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