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Bound To You ( A Professor-Student Romance )

Ann Margarette

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contemporary romance, romance suspense heartbreak, erotic romance


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Description of book "Bound To You ( A Professor-Student Romance )"

When I first encountered the enigmatic billionaire Liam Braxton, I was already drawn to him. He was beautiful, sexy, and intimidating. He also happened to be the father of a five-year-old boy I babysat during the summer.
But he was so irresistible. He could have his way with any woman, but what he wanted was me. I knew I was in trouble when I saw him standing in front of my undergraduate class as Professor Braxton. However, that didn’t stop me from wanting him—not when I discovered more about him.
Professor Braxton had an unbelievable secret no one could have ever think of, and it was tormenting and consuming him. Maybe, there was something wrong with me. I suddenly wanted to pluck him out of the dark and discover a new exciting life in the light with him. Will I ever succeed?

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publish more chapters!!

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