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Sam kzim

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romance, passion, hurts


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Ongoing: 20 Jan 15 pages

Publication: 08.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Broken"

A 25 years old girl having in love with someone she didn't know but then she realize that he is with another relationship she is broken,hurt and feels insecure and that day comes when he got married he invite her family she is confused about to stay at home or go there.. the circumstances turns and her life changed in a different way..

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Korey Charles 15.01.2020, 00:39:10

waiting for the continuation

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Sam kzim 15.01.2020, 07:37:02

Korey Charles, thank you so much Charles, authors feels very happy when audience respond them.. i write this story whenever i free and complete it soon...

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