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Caged Princess


Series: Crown of Kings Book 1: Bloodmoon Palace

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princess, fantasy, medieval


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Ongoing: 09 Nov 10 pages

Publication: 30.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Caged Princess"

Summer has ended and the long awaited winter is near. The high king of the eastern supercontinent Hemrea-had mysteriously died on his royal bed. His death disturbed all of the Hemreans and mostly towards Amary Noir, the forgotten daughter of the high king, Thane Noir. She never knew about her father's death until her friend as well as servant, Elizabeth Starling, gave her the message. From that point on, her curiosity and desperation grew to at its peak. Why has her father died? And why was she placed in solitude up in that memorial CellMan's tower? She seeks for the truth. But the closer she got, the more she loses of herself, the more she learned of her kingdom, King's Crown, as well as unraveling a dark magistrate lurking behind the castle,

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Kelly Wright 03.11.2019, 00:43:24

why is she talking like this?

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Kelly Wright 04.11.2019, 13:09:15

L.M.A, now I understand

Andrea Bartorelli 02.11.2019, 14:41:08

hope you'll publish more soon

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L.M.A 02.11.2019, 15:35:24

I swear to my pen/fingers.

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