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Candy Lips

Alexandra Marie

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love, romance, teen fiction


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#1 at Romance
#1 at New Adult & College

In progress: 11 Dec 156 pages

Publication: 30.11.2018 — ...
Contests: Campus Romance

Annotation to the book "Candy Lips"

For Lexi Thompson, University was a fresh start, a way out.
Lexi was used to being pushed around and tossed aside,
that is until she wakes up the morning after a party next
to a beautiful stranger who can't get enough of her.

That stranger being Chase.

Chase Alexander. Golden boy. Rides a motorcycle. British Accent.
The charming golden boy wakes up after a night of passion only to feel...lost?
Flashes of the gorgeous minx from the night before spread across his vision
like a mirage, teasing, luring, only she's gone, without a trace, without a name.

What happens when Chase runs into Lexi, looking at the beautiful girl as if he's
never seen her before in his life?
The only problem is that Lexi can't get his face out of her head.

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Norah Chiamaka Okeke 12.12.2018, 22:37:11

Awesome piece

Paula T 06.12.2018, 17:36:47

This book is great! I love the characters!!

Kelli Callahan 02.12.2018, 21:50:05

an amazing story!

Amara Kent 30.11.2018, 21:14:35

wow, what an awesome cover

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Alexandra Marie 30.11.2018, 23:02:53

Amara Kent
, you should check it out on wattpad, I've included pictures and some other stuff that makes it fun :)

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