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A kingdom in debt, a prince under mental and emotional stress, and a princess who could not care less. After the abandonment of her father, Carina took it upon herself to accept a hopeless future for both her and her home. Drinking and ignoring the clear strain her actions have on her brother and kingdom, it was only a matter of time before her royal title was stripped from her. One night, by sheer luck from a drunken daze, Carina is handed the key, or map, to her kingdom's survival, as well as something to strive for. A story her father told best and a childish legend she always hoped was real. Inspired by the classic Treasure Island, Carina puts a grieving girl in a world of pirates, treasure, and the hope of becoming the princess her brother and kingdom needs.

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Celeste I. 15.10.2019, 09:04:07

Oh man, this is getting so exciting, and I love it so far!

I'm glad we got to see and know about the main characters during the calm before the storm. I like the interactions between Carina, Claude, Henriette, and especially Wesley. They're opposites, but care for one another in their way, and they seem human. Oh, James and Billy are alright too, we don't know much, but I'm intrigued to know how their arcs will go as the story progresses.

This story itself is also intriguing to me. I'm stoked as to where the plot involving that and the treasure is going to go. I'm also glad they (well Billy and Carina) have reasons for wanting to do this in regards to the map with the treasure.

Another thing, thanks for not making either side wrong and for making the sibling relationship realistic, but also genuine. The same goes for them and their servants. I appreciate that c:

I look forward to more chapters of this, this is smooth sailing, and I hope it goes up from here~

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Celeste I. 16.10.2019, 00:45:13

SavannahGeorgia, You're welcome~

Well, I don't think your story is silly or corny (yet :3). Yeah, I like the relationship between the two. They both have their moments of kind and mean, but not without reason, so I think it's a good balance. Not too toxic or corny in my eyes.

I didn't realize you're paying homage to the source material. Still, I'm interested in where the character-building moments will occur. It's essential to have the core cast the most developed anyway, so I understand this direction.

That's fine with me; I love character-driven stories, that'll make the adventures more exciting, because you want them to succeed! I look forward to where this goes from here~

Marilyn Lucero 12.10.2019, 07:26:52

Interesting story!

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SavannahGeorgia 12.10.2019, 08:48:28

Marilyn Lucero, Thank you very much! I hope to continue it at a more steady pace here soon.

Andrea Bartorelli 10.10.2019, 13:23:54

my head disagrees with your tone...need to remember that haha

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SavannahGeorgia 12.10.2019, 08:48:06

Andrea Bartorelli, That was actually inspired by a real drunken conversation I had with one of my friends. She doesn't let me live it down, lol.

Ariadne Roberts 09.10.2019, 00:42:23

keep it up

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SavannahGeorgia 10.10.2019, 08:48:14

Ariadne Roberts, I most certainly will =)

Kerry Ward 08.10.2019, 16:25:10


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SavannahGeorgia 10.10.2019, 08:48:03

Kerry Ward, Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm so glad you like it so far. I'm working on the next chapters as we speak.

Sharon Brooke 07.10.2019, 13:33:08

great introduction into the story

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SavannahGeorgia 08.10.2019, 12:16:04

Sharon Brooke, Thank you very much! I do hope the rest of the story lives up to your expectations =)

Roza Csergo 06.10.2019, 11:00:30

The description and the cover make a fantastic duo.
I love reading action-adventure stories, and this one is going into my library.
The tone and language you use is by far my favorite in books.
Keep the updates coming.

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Roza Csergo 07.10.2019, 00:14:13

You absolutely should.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop the storyline.
I love these types of stories.

Susan Murdock 06.10.2019, 14:29:13

publish more

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SavannahGeorgia 06.10.2019, 21:58:22

Susan Murdock, You bet I will. Hopefully, I'll have something up today or tomorrow.

Cshen.J 06.10.2019, 12:07:56

I love it :) Please continue!

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SavannahGeorgia 06.10.2019, 21:58:00

Cshen.J, You got it =)

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