Caught Between

Itz Jerry Wasa

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college, teen fiction, campusromance


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#15 at New Adult & College
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Annotation to the book "Caught Between"

Jason leaves home after being admitted into Greywood university. He and his childhood friends are fortunate to be admitted into the same institution. He leaves home with the intention of graduating with a good class of degree to make his mother proud and to prove to his father that he isn't unintelligent. Getting to the university, he works hard in his first year and scores good grades. In his second year, he meets new people who gets him distracted and caught between a lot of things. He breaks his mother's heart and gives his father more reason to spite him. He hurts his friends so much to the extent that they almost give up on him. Before he realizes his flaws, it's too late. He thinks of the best way to end it all and he contemplates suicide.

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