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Chasing Love


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Publication: 12.12.2018 — 27.02.2019
Contests: Campus Romance

Description of the story "Chasing Love"

"Most relationship don't last and they are contented but kyoo and i are different, we work for it to get the person we love"

Emi Torres a pretty young, snooty and popular university student who keep chasing her ex-boyfriend named jerome despite cheating with kate and his feelings changed for her, until emi met Kyoto Garcia, a mysterious transferee guy who also chasing and in love with his childhood friend kate. kyoto willing to help emi and has a plan to get jerome back in her life so he will be able to get kate for ruining their relationship.

Are they fight for it till the end?
Did they succeed in the game they played?
or Let their heartaches heal?

Will they end this CHASING LOVE?

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Kristine 14.12.2018, 07:43:01

The story is good I love it

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Kristine 14.12.2018, 07:53:16

Will wait

Fina Abaerazuela 13.12.2018, 04:42:22

good story.........

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R O N A 13.12.2018, 04:44:27

Fina Abaerazuela, Thank you

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