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Children of Pompona


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Description of book "Children of Pompona"

Queenie was supposed to be sold at an auction by her mother. However, Sister Martha--a rich nun who runs an orphanage stopped the illegal human trafficking and took all the slaves to her orphanage. There Queenie thought that she was going to have peaceful life until she wondered,

If Sister Martha is rich, will she sell as well?

Living with the faithful servant to the Goddess Pompona, Goddess of Poor. Queenie realized that Sister Martha wanted the other way around. She wanted the orphans to be a sacrifice for her belief.

But the order of the riches--the government, does not allow the orphans to be sacrifice. So they played hero, thinking that they will sell the orphans once they have got hold of them.

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Ariadne Roberts 18.02.2020, 18:30:08


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L.M.A 19.02.2020, 00:41:46

Thank you, :D, I hope you will enjoy the story

Cathy Evans 17.02.2020, 19:05:05

this story is good

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L.M.A 18.02.2020, 00:24:06

Thank you, I hope you added them to your library so that you could continue reading whenever there is an update or new chapter.

Clayton Terrel 16.02.2020, 12:44:26

I like the idea and want to see how you develop it

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L.M.A 16.02.2020, 12:48:01

Thank you for taking a time to read this book. Yes, uhmm, pressure? really pressured, Don't worry Clayton Terrel. I'll give you the best content of slavery plus fantasy you could ever read.

Monica Spener 15.02.2020, 11:26:50


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