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Chrome 2968

Ryo Francis

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action, time travel


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Ongoing: 15 Sep 44 pages

Publication: 17.08.2019 — ...

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An idealistic teenage programmer, a cool billionaire scientist and a young girl from the future team up to save mankind from a dying Earth

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Noa Clark 30.08.2019, 10:57:09

good story

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Ryo Francis 11.09.2019, 07:47:04

Thanks for finding my story good :)

Angel Lederhouse 09.09.2019, 12:19:39

is it a script of some piece?

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Ryo Francis 11.09.2019, 07:38:11

Angel Lederhouse, My writing style is like a script. I am still learning to write better but I make sure I write something that is easy to read. Hope you enjoy my story. Thanks

Kim Miller 10.09.2019, 18:25:22

interesting kind of storytelling

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Ryo Francis 11.09.2019, 07:34:13

Kim Miller, My story is not skillfully written compared to other litnet writers here, but hopefully I make up for it with good storytelling :)

Celeste I. 06.09.2019, 09:51:55

Well, this is an interesting premise. It's also interesting that the dialogue and narrations are in the form of a play and not a novel(?) The sci-fi technology does sound fascinating, minus all the technobabble of course. The story, while unpredictable so far, and I don't know where it's going, seems to be going all over the place with its pacing. The characters and story have some time to change, develop, and be okay (Especially Joanne, cause I want to know more about her, James because he's underutilized, and Joshua, because I can't stand him as a character). But man, the exposition and dialogue is real clunky and could use some work in that department.

I don't know where this will go, and why the characters are doing what they're doing. And by that, I mean, the ones that don't have their backstories explained through exposition and then shown in a flashback immediately after that. What's up with that? I know it furthers the story, but the exposition is not needed when you show it in a flashback later on).

And will we get an idea on who this disembodied voice is, what they want, and why the main characters go along with what she says immediately? Just wondering.

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Celeste I. 07.09.2019, 05:50:57

Ryo Francis, You're welcome; hopefully the criticism wasn't hurtful and could be beneficial.

Ah, that does explain it. I had a strange feeling that was the case considering some of the lines 'We cut to,' lack of dialogue tags, and the present tense. This has been an interesting read so far, so no need to worry about that.

Also a fact, the first story I wrote, also had a screenplay format, I thought it was atrocious, but that's just me.

I don't know if Litnet is okay with that format or not, and that'll be a lot to re-edit and work on regardless.

I didn't know this is your first time writing; hope you're enjoying writing so far. Also, it's good to recognize if your story has flaws (and not ignore criticism, as long as it's not destructive criticism) and improve on them for the future.

Shay Punzalan 30.08.2019, 17:52:30

Nice story ?

Ted Charlton 24.08.2019, 20:00:40

and what about the cover?

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Ted Charlton 25.08.2019, 19:09:01

Ryo Francis, I hope so:)

Ted Charlton 22.08.2019, 15:05:55

interesting idea, keep it up

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Ted Charlton 23.08.2019, 20:54:53

Ryo Francis, hope it will remain original

Roza Csergo 17.08.2019, 17:06:35

Hi. Would you please consider follow for a follow? I'd love to connect with you.

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Ryo Francis 18.08.2019, 08:35:29

Roza Csergo, Ok thanks

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