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Class-A Threat

Dan Sugralinov

Series: Disgardium

Text includes:
adventure, action, litrpg

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Publisher: Magic Dome Books

68 11 11067

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#1 at LitRPG
#1 at Action & Adventures

In progress: 23 Mar 164 pages

Publication: 01.02.2019 — ...

Annotation to the book "Class-A Threat"

The novel has been voted the best Russian LitRPG release of 2018 and won the first prize at the LitRPG competition held by a leading literary site

Our future. Noncitizens and individuals of low social standing can only find work in one place – the virtual world of Disgardium. And that might mean mining ore; it could just as well mean cleaning pigsties or washing dishes in a tavern, but that’s about as glamorous as it gets.

Fifteen-year-old schoolboy Alex has dreams of working as a space guide. All he can think about is the stars, but life gets in the way and now his only path to achieving that goal is through the game.

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Corrine Couey 13.03.2019, 16:53:59


Babko Babiak 08.03.2019, 03:36:16

Simply amazing, I just bought it and can't wait for more

HEATON 21.02.2019, 17:45:36

Subbed. Hope you will update this frequently

John Mitchell 19.02.2019, 13:51:16

cool LitRPG

A. Neeson 18.02.2019, 12:44:28

do you update every day?

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Dan Sugralinov 18.02.2019, 13:10:49

A. Neeson, I do.

Grace 17.02.2019, 18:42:20

well done Dan

Alexis Danford 16.02.2019, 20:01:17

feels like being really there

Kessily Brunet 16.02.2019, 12:39:37

wow...can't wait for more

Mike Two 16.02.2019, 12:11:23

very detailed description, that's what I like

Clayton Terrel 15.02.2019, 16:21:28

definitely one of the best LitRPG, I´m enjoying it

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