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May Lynn

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romance, thriller, erotica


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Publication: 21.07.2019 — 25.07.2019

Description of book "Coincidentally "

Coincidences happen, but how many are too many?

Emilee Sanders is a perfectionist. Everything about her simple life needs to be absolutely perfect and on schedule. This includes the ideal wedding she's been planning for the last two years with the love of her life, Cody.

When her relationship is thrown into disarray, Emilee takes her honeymoon alone. For the first time, she finds herself being a bit more spontaneous. Especially when her and her flight partner—a single doctor, Logan Hodge—pretend they’re newlyweds. They play the part a little too well.

It’s coming home when things get messy.

A series of coincidencal encounters will put them through some of the biggest ups and downs of their lives, but will keep bringing them closer.

At least that's what they think.

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Panchal Param 20.11.2019, 21:42:01

I got hooked up on every single sentence, and plot of the story!!! This book has my Heart❤

Elizabeth Lalman 10.11.2019, 13:48:38

Totally enjoyed reading this novel .

Charlise Letat 09.11.2019, 23:51:59

J'ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire, cela m'a tenu en haleine durant toute la lecture.

Vanessa Marrugo Salom 23.09.2019, 07:24:26

Te felicito tiene buenos textos, me lo leí en un solo día. Éxitos

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May Lynn 23.09.2019, 15:08:00

Gracias ♥️

Miyurangi Fernando 28.08.2019, 21:51:15

My favorite! I just love the story So much! ?✨♥ loved every bit of reading it! ✨ great plot!

Bang Chae Ha 25.08.2019, 15:10:44

This story is really good... I really hooked in every page and I am still overwhelmed 'til now. I can't still moved on with Hodge and Emmy....

Christina john 21.08.2019, 22:05:20

oh! I love this story.. it has everything I would love to read... its so real!! there are times it made me sad, happy... anxious.... oh..thank you for the amazing story!.

Good girl 22.07.2019, 15:00:50

great story!

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The last comment in the thread:

Good girl 19.08.2019, 11:55:02

The ending is unexpected, I loves it

Rabia Butt 29.07.2019, 23:52:59

I am in love with this book.

The last comment in the thread:

May Lynn 31.07.2019, 17:54:37

Thank you! ♥️♥️

Ana Arrigo 27.07.2019, 17:17:18

can´t stop reading this story

Kessily Brunet 25.07.2019, 13:38:57

what an active couple

Hannah Parizo 24.07.2019, 13:39:50

keep it up, so interesting

Dora Kellner 23.07.2019, 11:56:26

he notices everything

Roza Csergo 21.07.2019, 12:45:29

OMG! A masterpiece. I enjoyed it very much.
Added your story to my library and followed you.
Hope you update soon.

The last comment in the thread:

May Lynn 21.07.2019, 16:50:27

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! ♥️

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