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Completing The List

PJ Lowry

Story about:
lost love, bucket lists, moving on


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#17 in Contemporary Romance
#8 in Inspiration romance

Ongoing: 25 Jun 130 pages

Publication: 23.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Completing The List "

Lizzy Sheppard loses her husband too soon and one day finds something that helps the grieving process: his bucket list. 30 things he wanted to do before he died. Eager to do something for her departed beloved, Lizzy sets off to complete the list in the hopes that she will learn more about the man who was the love of her life.

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Ana Arrigo 25.06.2019, 13:17:06

Gary is a militar

Marie Thomas 17.06.2019, 15:07:30

will you update soon?

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PJ Lowry 17.06.2019, 16:02:02

Marie Thomas, I planned to update soon, but how can I refuse a request from a pretty lady?

True Match 11.06.2019, 12:06:36


Asha Kumar 02.06.2019, 14:36:19

meet me NY

Natalia Abram 01.06.2019, 16:21:03

very profound

Marie Thomas 29.05.2019, 19:59:03

welcome back, Lizzie

Mark Pearson 23.05.2019, 14:15:53

you seem to be a multi genre author

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Mark Pearson 27.05.2019, 19:58:51

PJ Lowry, well done!

Jeanette Adams 25.05.2019, 15:26:08

very beautiful

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