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Composing Life's Medley


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Publication: 10.01.2020 — 10.01.2020

Description of book "Composing Life's Medley"

She was a poor woman who saw work as a forced means to an end, and one she never truly enjoyed. She had no useful talents within the workforce and her carefree spirit was unwelcomed by those who demanded her conformity and obedience. He was a talented artist who was doomed to serve the authority who owned him and only continued to tighten the chains upon his wrists. They were both prisoners in their own worlds, but life, fate, and luck were all funny things. Offered a once in a lifetime chance and a position no human truly wants, this young woman may find a path to another world through the eyes of the one who has almost lost hope in finding his own. And, perhaps, he will hold his temper long enough to discover the possibilities found in another person’s talents, heart, and soul.

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Andrea Bartorelli 12.01.2020, 14:43:07

the story has brilliant descriptions that seem to be small masterpieces, so enjoyable to read a good written work, congratulations on your story, it is charming.

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SavannahGeorgia 12.01.2020, 14:49:11

Andrea Bartorelli, Thank you so much! That means so much more than you know! I was worried about the response this would get, but I'm happy you like it. I hope you can drop a like/follow as well. I would appreciate it greatly. =)

Giggi 11.01.2020, 01:43:21

want to read it

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SavannahGeorgia 12.01.2020, 14:47:28

Giggi, I posted the entire story here, so please feel free to continue. I would appreciate a like/follow as well =)

Pauletta Attaway 10.01.2020, 14:12:04

the beginning is inspiring

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SavannahGeorgia 12.01.2020, 14:47:00

Pauletta Attaway, Thank you very much =) I hope the rest will keep your attention.

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