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Creatures On Fire

Elina Dark

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horror, monsters, erotica


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Ongoing: 23 Apr 186 pages

Publication: 04.04.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Creatures On Fire"

Delve into the world of passion with monsters in this steamy collection of fan fiction short stories! (features monsters from various horror movies and video games)

A/N: Some of the pieces are based on my dreams, so don't be surprised that they might sound weird to you (there will be a warning if it's the case). Anyhow, I hope I find those who love monsters here. And remember - sometimes we, monsters, also want a little bit of love.

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Michael Knight 29.04.2019, 14:32:28

Does Friday 13th has a bad meaning for you?

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Elina Dark 29.04.2019, 15:02:44

Michael Knight, No, it doesn't, and it never did. I don't believe in this nonsense. It's a normal day for me, just like any other day of the year.

Sam Holte 28.04.2019, 20:31:59

it has a very interesting mixture

Amara Kent 24.04.2019, 14:12:12

very interesting collection

Pauletta Attaway 09.04.2019, 18:59:56

are you a monster?)

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Kath Snit 23.04.2019, 21:32:53

Pauletta Attaway, why?

Tim Lawson 22.04.2019, 22:34:11

it gets better every time

Grace 21.04.2019, 17:05:19

not bad

Tim Lawson 08.04.2019, 20:14:59

quite interesting combination

Michael Knight 07.04.2019, 16:10:00

enjoying it

Ashley Lewel 06.04.2019, 19:45:11

I loved it

Krystal 04.04.2019, 21:00:16

nice discovery on here

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