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Crush is Also a Girlfriend

Bret Kohler

Story about:
love lust and confusion


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Ongoing: 14 Aug 8 pages

Publication: 14.08.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Crush is Also a Girlfriend"

Richie is about to propose Beth this evening. He is planning everything great for proposal but one of Beth's friends- Annie gets to know about this.
A bully named Arn is having bad thoughts for Annie.
And Beth is in her own world of romance, sunshine and roses.
Things are about to take bad turn.
Relations will take twists.

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Natalia Abram 15.08.2019, 19:46:39

I'm addicted, waiting for more!

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Bret Kohler 16.08.2019, 05:11:06

Natalia Abram, Thank you. Follow me for updates please.

Cira Shalash 14.08.2019, 20:02:02

the title is very contradictory:D

Mahnoor Khan 14.08.2019, 13:06:52

Nice storyline , kind of unique!! i have added your novel to my library and have followed you !! do me a favour and please check out my first story ever.

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Mahnoor Khan 14.08.2019, 13:08:55

Bret Kohler, Thanks

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