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Cursed with Oblivion

Cynthia Monica

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oblivion, lovers, curse


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#120 in Romance
#81 in Young adult

Ongoing: 14 Jun 29 pages

Publication: 30.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Cursed with Oblivion"

At birth, Darcey was cursed with oblivion. This meant that no one outside her family ever really saw her. They would forget her soon after meeting her and she has to force herself on others to get them to even notice her.

At birth, Shawn was blessed with attention. This meant he has always been the center of attention. He is never alone and making friends is one of the easiest things in the world.

Mari, Darcey's older sister, has her heart set on finding a way to break the 'curse'. So far nothing proved to be fruitful. That is until they met the boy who was blessed with attention, and things started to get a lot more interesting.

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Savage Rose 19.06.2019, 10:39:11

come on, more chapters

Alicia Harrison 18.06.2019, 13:38:55

when will you update?

Tiffany Kole 16.06.2019, 18:28:30

I´m waiting for more

Kessily Brunet 01.06.2019, 23:14:51

such an interesting story

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Kessily Brunet 15.06.2019, 20:03:12

Cynthia Monica, I have noticed that:)

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Cynthia Monica 01.06.2019, 17:10:18

Katie Von, Thank you :)

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