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Curse's End (kamali: Book 3)

Jessica Wright

Series: Kamali

Story about:
ghosts, romance, curses


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#1 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 21 May 63 pages

Publication: 15.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Curse's End (kamali: Book 3)"

Ariel knows the truth of what happened to his parents and has to deal with the consequences of that information. Meanwhile, Simon gives the group shocking news as Felicity falls ill. Olive and Ariel fight to protect each other while trying to find a way to break the curse. Everything comes to a head in this shocking third installment to the Kamali series.

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Michelle Shelburn 21.05.2019, 12:37:20

Felicity, poor girl

Grace 17.05.2019, 14:18:01

Everything will end up here?

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Grace 20.05.2019, 12:41:29

Jessica Wright, thanks

Eva May 15.05.2019, 19:34:18

thanks, I´ve been waiting for the part 3 even when I didn´t read the second one haha

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Eva May 16.05.2019, 12:30:52

Jessica Wright, I´ve almost finished it so I´ll start reading this one soon

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