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Dead Man's Switch

Stipe Lozina

Series: Revenge of the Past

Story about:
murder, trapped, mistery


Age restriction: 18+

5 17 1252

#22 in Thrillers & Suspense
#29 in Mystery

Ongoing: 01 Nov 23 pages

Publication: 13.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Dead Man's Switch"

While the return of a notorious murderer from the past starts causing chaos, a detective by the name of William Folley must discover the motive and the dark secret behind his plan.

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Celeste I. 02.11.2019, 08:52:56

Well, sometimes there's too much narration and exposition, and other times, there's not enough description. Not to mention, some of the chapters are way too short. But, the mystery is unpredictable and interesting to read. So, yeah, the story is going good, not sure about the rest yet. The characters each have something to do in the story structure. I'm not sure what the villain's motivations are or who they are, though, either. I'm also not sure if it'd be a good thing if we knew their motivation or not.

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Celeste I. 02.11.2019, 22:51:41

Stipe Lozina, I've noticed that on the last page, but thanks for the clarification. Shame the rest won't be on Litnet, but I'm intrigued by its sequel. I'm also glad there's some answers in regards to the villain, but not all the questions will be answered yet. So, it leaves it open in a sense.

You're welcome~

Eric Phillips 01.11.2019, 23:44:39

good story

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Stipe Lozina 02.11.2019, 00:09:28

Eric Phillips, Thank you my friend.

Ryo Francis 01.11.2019, 05:00:19

Nice hook... Like your short chapters style...

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Stipe Lozina 01.11.2019, 16:26:00

Thank you, the book will be free from 02.11.2019. to 12.11.2019. on all the platforms mentioned in the last update except on Amazon Kindle. Best regards Ryo Francis!

Tedd Kirsten 22.10.2019, 00:26:34

in the chapter one hour later there is no text

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Tedd Kirsten 23.10.2019, 00:42:48

Stipe Lozina, Oh, I thought it was a mistake

Kim Miller 16.10.2019, 01:00:51

all chapters are too small

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Kim Miller 21.10.2019, 17:38:04

Stipe Lozina, thanks for the information

Samuel Strock 14.10.2019, 14:07:18

very interesting beginning

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Stipe Lozina 16.10.2019, 22:18:00

Samuel Strock, Thank you for your comment, hope you'll continue reading.

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