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Deadly Relations

Veronica S. Lawson

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fantasy, snow white


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Publication: 04.06.2019 — 04.06.2019

Description of the story "Deadly Relations "

"wake up you have to run Sasha." my older brother pleaded screaming into my ear. looking over at my alarm clock I see its still only the middle of the night.

"w... what are you going on about this time Connor." I yawned sitting up in bed.

"its Saphire our step mom she has completely lost her mind. she has hired a guy to kill you. you have to get out of here." he whispered urgently. fully awake now I looked into my brothers panic stricken eyes and realized he wasn't making this up.

" but why what did I do." I asked confused

" that doesn't matter right now you have to leave." my brother pleaded.

"but wait what about you, if she is after me won't she come after you too. you should come with me." suddenly a look of sadness crossed his face.

"Sasha." he said gently

"I'm already dead."

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Tim Lawson 04.06.2019, 22:46:41

not bad, but you could improve your capital letters issue

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Tim Lawson 05.06.2019, 13:41:52

Veronica S. Lawson, yep, you´d better star doing it as soon as possible.

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