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Defiling the Crusade

Josie A.

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alien invasion, space mystery, science fiction erotica


Age restriction: 18+

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Ongoing: 23 Jan 74 pages

Publication: 04.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Defiling the Crusade"

As Humans have started settling on planets from other stars, Earth's government has become a theocracy: the Lord's Dominion. This has sparked off a war against the rebels, the FFtLs.
The military, Holy Command, has decided that their new battle spaceship, the Crusade, will be the first that has all women in command positions. The Lord's Dominion does not believe women should be in charge. The Lord's Dominion appoints a high priest to judge the Crusade during her first mission. He decides if the Crusade continues, or fails.
During the mission, the Crusade encounters humankind's first contact with an alien. Soon after bringing her on board, people start acting unusual and sexual.
What is this alien doing? And can the Crusade overcome this and still succeed?

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Michelle Shelburn 19.01.2020, 13:45:56

this book is something amazing

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Josie A. 20.01.2020, 11:09:28

Michelle Shelburn, Thank you. I'm happy you're enjoying it.

Ryo Francis 19.01.2020, 02:22:44

I just love science fiction

Nice setting and those creative terms you used -
Dark Energy Hopping, umbilical tube on spaceship, alien antenna as weapon...
Lord Dominion, Holy Command, the Crusade, Freedom from the Lord...

Though i don't read erotica - i actually enjoy defiling i mean reading your story :)

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Josie A. 19.01.2020, 12:46:01

Ryo Francis, Thank you so much! You've made my day. Please don't be shy. Defile as much as you like. :-)

Sharon Brooke 15.01.2020, 20:59:33

your book is too interesting

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Josie A. 15.01.2020, 23:20:13

Thank you. (I hope that's a good thing :-D)

Eva May 14.01.2020, 00:46:03

I love it

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Josie A. 14.01.2020, 12:54:46

Eva May, Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Andrea Bartorelli 13.01.2020, 00:33:40


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Josie A. 13.01.2020, 16:32:10

Andrea Bartorelli, Thank you. More is coming so I hope you keep reading and enjoy it.

Tiffany Kole 06.01.2020, 00:25:19

Erotic science fiction? interesting to read

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Josie A. 06.01.2020, 17:16:30

Tiffany Kole, Thank you. I hope to make it more ...interesting. :-)

Josie A. 06.01.2020, 17:16:13

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