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Dimensions Sail-through

K.R Webber

Story about:
humor, betrayals, wizards


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Ongoing: 12 Sep 35 pages

Publication: 23.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Dimensions Sail-through"

Join Roderick's adventures in every dimensions possible like Intergalactic, Western, Fairy Tale like, Gothic, Cosmic horror and many more absurd alike.
THE CATCH: If he sleeps, he dies. And if he wants to survive, the world around him has tasks for him.
Decision is his...
This book has an unique format. This is a SHORT STORIES COLLECTION as well as a NOVEL. After reading the first chapter you can understand the plot by reading from any chapter. You can read first chapter and the last one but still you wont miss anything.

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Daielle Blade 12.09.2019, 12:29:58

can´t stop reading this, urgently need more!

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K.R Webber 12.09.2019, 12:34:22

Daielle Blade, Thank you very much. Next story will come out next week.
I feel really happy that you enjoyed it.
Please put it in your library to not miss an update.

Mike Two 03.09.2019, 14:18:01

I need to witness madness

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Mike Two 04.09.2019, 19:27:48

K.R Webber, I'm officially in

Celeste I. 02.09.2019, 23:30:26

Well, I'll admit this is an interesting concept, and I like the idea of the format.

However, there are things I'm not quite sure about, and I don't know if it's a problem that the is short and can't be fully explored yet or not, but something seems off for me Like, how does Roderick travel to dimensions in the first place? Is he a wizard or did the curse the other wizard give him affect that? Is Roderick an anti-hero? It seems like he's doing a mix of good and bad deeds in the story. Will the wizard get comeuppance for his actions or get away with it?

That first chapter also confused me. Why were there monsters chasing Spencer and Roderick? What were their lives like before they got into this mess? Why was Spencer's death rushed and overlooked like that? Why did they take the locket in the first place?

And furthermore, the pacing is pretty rushed and transitions quick, not to mention, it's hard for me to get a grasp on who's the bad guy. Did the headless attack Rod? Are the King and the peasants bad too? How did Rod control the rain and why do they worship him now because of it?

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Celeste I. 03.09.2019, 10:01:14

K.R Webber, Glad I didn't end up upsetting you, I should've picked up on the fact that the story is cartoonish though (Tag said humor, how'd I not see that?).

Well, it's a shame, not all the worlds will be explored well, but these chapters and story segments won't be long, and as long as the story keeps going, maybe we don't need as much worldbuilding? I'd take characters and story over worldbuilding anyway.

I see, I never heard of those stories, but it's interesting facts nonetheless, and cool you used that for inspiration here~

Well, if it's intended to be a fun book, I should take it as such! A parody works too, and I love a good satire on these types of genres.

You're welcome, thanks for the response~

TheAPwrites 27.08.2019, 22:35:34

Looking forward to seeing what's the story about. I added it to my library and followed you. Please consider following back and check my stories in return ? Thanks.

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K.R Webber 28.08.2019, 03:41:58

TheAPwrites, Thank you for reading. I will follow you.

Peter Bishop 25.08.2019, 19:16:25

and where is the rest of the chapters?

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Peter Bishop 27.08.2019, 11:17:32

K.R Webber, done!

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