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Electus 3

Mister E


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Ongoing: 16 Sep 86 pages

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Description of book "Electus 3"

The Demonite from the very source of Teleportation Powers was used by the leader of the Snow Ignite Revolution to fight off the dominating illustratian Alliance, leading them to a military shortage right after they conquered the Capital Kingdom of Septemtrionis Ignis with only 300 Snow Ignites with few Witches and Wizards owning Freezing Powers.
How did he get that artifact? And how did he make that raw instable power work to his advantage?

The Source of Fire constantly being attacked by "Peaceful Demons" who want to see Ignis crumbling into dust. If those Demons manage to get their hands on the Demonite attached to the Source, Ignis, a whole continent holding over 126,000 people, falls apart. Like it was never there.

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