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9 18 1802

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Ongoing: 17 Sep 124 pages

Publication: 25.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Electus"

The Beginning of the Third Era has struck upon Ignis. But When did Eras change for good?
Great War has struck the whole Continent.
But why? The lust for land? The fact that people are easily manipulated? Gold Coins?
Well. All of the above.
BUT. There wouldn't be a War to begin with in the second Era if Xakro illustrato didn't kill the Electus.

"Peaceful" Demons from one of the several Demonic Dimensions have plans for Ignis. Plans for the whole world.
Granting the people of the earth "Magical Powers" 10000 years before the First Era Begun, was one of their failed experiments.
Those same Demons want to start fresh now. To make their new experiments possible, every continent needs to be wiped out. Banished from existence.

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Bertha Francis 01.09.2019, 18:32:55

I love the love line of the story

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Bertha Francis 09.09.2019, 20:37:32

Mister E, oh my God hahaha

Miri Golden 31.08.2019, 20:19:08


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Mister E 31.08.2019, 22:16:53

thank you very much.

Giggi 29.08.2019, 12:39:20

this story is not finished but you´ve already published book2?

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Giggi 30.08.2019, 10:59:33

Mister E, now I understand it

Michelle Shelburn 28.08.2019, 14:07:00

good story

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Mister E 28.08.2019, 17:36:18

Thank you very much. I'm trying my best to rewrite it.

TheAPwrites 27.08.2019, 22:36:40

Looking forward to seeing what's the story about. I added it to my library and followed you. Please consider following back and check my stories in return ? Thanks.

Korey Charles 26.08.2019, 17:44:58

you can start with writing "I" in capital letters ;)

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Korey Charles 27.08.2019, 14:03:03

Mister E, try to sort them out ;)

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