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Element. Flame of Elisar

Maria Kopchenova

Story about:
schemes and love, magic creatures, sorcery and battles


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#4 in Romantic fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy

Ongoing: 11 Sep 20 pages

Publication: 09.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Element. Flame of Elisar"

Hasara is a mystery. Each of its four Spheres has its own people who enjoy the power of a certain Element – Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Ricka Velios lives in Elisar – the World of Water Sorcery. Her family and she are all hardworking, which helped them earn respect among people of Karun. However, it all collapses once Ricka’s sister disobeyed their mother to use her magic powers secretly. The Hounds were there immediately. Trying to defend her sister, the girl failed to control her magic gift and that killed many innocent people. Praise to Gods, they managed to escape, yet if anyone learns about the incident Ricka will be executed immediately. And her chance to survive is getting thinner minute after minute as Elisar Ruler’s both sons come to Karun to investigate the unprecedented crime.

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Dee Peric 11.09.2019, 19:52:39

this awesome!

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Maria Kopchenova 12.09.2019, 07:12:25

Dee Peric, Thank you! I tried very hard:) in the full version of the book on Amazon, there are also many colorful images. And I invite you to watch my book trailer on YouTube ;)

Roza Csergo 10.09.2019, 09:54:45

Hi. Just started reading your story.
This is well written and interesting.
I write fantasy too but your style differs from mine.
And your cover looks fantastic.
I added it to my library and followed you.
Would you please consider following back?
I'd love to connect with you. Thanks

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Maria Kopchenova 10.09.2019, 19:08:32

Roza Csergo, Thanks for the feedback, I am very pleased that you like my work :)

Pauletta Attaway 10.09.2019, 13:52:55

wow...I love this design, so beautiful

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Maria Kopchenova 10.09.2019, 18:40:41

Pauletta Attaway, Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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