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Miniyah Gonzales

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romance, growing up, mature


Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Elicia"

Elicia just moved in with her best friend tabitha,her vibrant style makes her stand out,and it seems that a handsome stranger notices it. Jacobjust moved from korea,and is going to the same college as elicia, but during the summertime before school will they even survive this emotional roller coaster with each other?

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Jess Conibear 08.11.2019, 21:26:39

don't you want to write the beginnings of the sentences using capital letters?

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Miniyah Gonzales 08.11.2019, 21:33:28

Jess Conibear, I try to,but sometimes I type to fast and it causes is to sometimes not capitalize, but I will keep that in mind. Thanks love.

Miniyah Gonzales 08.11.2019, 21:32:26

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Steve Lionel Ngomeni 06.11.2019, 14:52:44

love it update

The last comment in the thread:

Miniyah Gonzales 06.11.2019, 17:57:47

Steve Lionel Ngomeni, You got it!, I will try and update it today

Miniyah Gonzales 06.11.2019, 06:09:09

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