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Erasing the borders

Леся Найденко

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teenagers, love story, love brother sister relationship


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Ongoing: 18 Feb 70 pages

Publication: 08.02.2020 — ...

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- What's going on with you, Sybil? When are you going to stop lying to yourself? Just accept this fact. You like Alex. That's all. Just don't be carried by that feeling. He's not interested in you. Once you've been the Queen of the Friendzone, no need to repeat it. Friends are the maximum you can count on. Anyway, he's your step-brother. Relationships with him can make not only your life very difficult but all family members. You can't fall in love with your brother, besides your last name is Wayne, not Lannister. And you don't have to be nervous, you've always been able to hold yourself in your hands.

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La Adra 12.02.2020, 18:13:53

I might say that this is a nice romance.
I read it in one breathe. Author, you're doing great.
When's the sequel?

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Леся Найденко 12.02.2020, 19:38:39

La Adra, Thank you! It really inspires me to write more. Will do my best to publish next chapters tomorrow.

Izzy 09.02.2020, 11:18:04


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Леся Найденко 09.02.2020, 13:31:48

Izzy, Thank you!)))

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