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Eye of The Storm

Veronica S. Lawson

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realistic fiction, lds romance, bullys


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Publication: 04.06.2019 — 04.06.2019

Description of the story "Eye of The Storm"

“May i have this dance.” He asked a silly smile on his face as he playfully kissed my hand. i felt my stomach do a somersault causing my face to turn beet red as i quickly nodded yes and allowed him to pull me off of the sidewalk and onto the road where we began to dance. I was having so much fun, i could feel the wind gently brushing against my hair causing it to billow out as if i were in a fairy tail. Stopping Suddenly I felt his arms go around me pulling me closer. I looked up into his big sparkling green eyes and felt my heart melt a little as I saw him smile down at me. My eyes instantly wandered to his lips that were ever drawing nearer.

“Is he going to kiss me?" I wondered closing my eyes.

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Kelli Callahan 05.06.2019, 12:43:08

I find it to be very nice

Michael Knight 04.06.2019, 21:22:13

seems like a Romantic story, even though you classify it as Suspense

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Veronica S. Lawson 04.06.2019, 21:48:59

thank you. I wasn't entirely certain what to classify it as. so thanks for your comment. :)

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