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F-Boy’s Lace

May Lynn

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romance, friends, sex


Restriction: 18+

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Ongoing: 24 Aug 142 pages

Publication: 26.07.2019 — ...

Description of the story "F-Boy’s Lace"

One promise was made to Lacey Mason’s mother just before she died in a tragic not fall for Lucas Drake.

After years of being away from the Hamptons, Lacey returns to a life she only knew when she was young. Nothing had ever compared to the summers she spent at her family’s beach house and now as an adult, she comes back to take on her mother’s legacy and company.

That legacy is a shared one.

Returning to the Hamptons means returning to old friends and into the arms of one friend that she promised to never fall for.

Follow Luke and Lacey as they rekindle a friendship and deal with family drama from their past.

Lacey doesn’t want to break her promise.

Luke doesn’t want to share secrets.

The combination could be deadly.

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Delicia Haupt 22.08.2019, 22:31:11

Wow, this is a great story.... I hate how close they get and then nothing... I can't wait for the next update

Loreal Farmer 16.08.2019, 21:14:04

did you know that I love it?

Nina Ainsworth 15.08.2019, 18:50:33

Picking outfit for the first day is very important, veeery

Mahnoor Khan 13.08.2019, 18:06:30

thats a lovely story. would you please read my first story ever too? i have added your story to my library and followed you

Paris Nobriga 13.08.2019, 14:05:46

Why be sorry for something you both liked?

Dora Kellner 11.08.2019, 14:18:13

so much anger against the father

Ashley Lewel 10.08.2019, 09:36:18

When will it be updated?

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May Lynn 10.08.2019, 13:50:16

I try and add 1-3 chapters per day :)

Andrea Bartorelli 09.08.2019, 14:34:15

Rach is so generous

Monica Spener 08.08.2019, 12:58:16

Rachel, I m jealous

Lucile Savino 05.08.2019, 04:09:29

Publish more, OK?

Alexis Danford 04.08.2019, 19:15:39

you can´t be late

Dee Peric 03.08.2019, 14:51:28

Let's see how will it continue

Marie Thomas 02.08.2019, 17:00:57

don´t disappoint me and update:D

Ana Arrigo 27.07.2019, 17:18:55

oh, he likes her:)

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