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Ongoing: 11 Sep 43 pages

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Description of book "Fallen Unknowingly... "

This is story of a guy who is perfect in every manner. He left India and circumstances drew him back at age of 23. He want to fix everything back to normal in his best friend life. But things go worse day by day. He meets a girl in wrong circumstances…, even though unknowingly they bond to do something. They know life never stops. He becomes her partner. She understands him and he never leaves her. They know what they are and what they can do. But..., life is planned differently not everything goes as planned... Always.
She is clumsy and she becomes the beautiful impresction of his perfect life. She is brave and never loose soemthing without a fight. She is not judgemental.
He can't take betrayals and because he lost trust in his dearedt one it's hard for him to trust anyone randomly.

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Baghiii, I love it!!

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keep it up

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I love it

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Alcohol is a big problem, I wish it didn´t exist

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