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Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

Series: Fickle Things

Text includes:
magic, gods, other worlds


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#4 at Action fantasy
#4 at Humor

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Publication: 27.11.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "Fickle Things - Outset"

Draga Konungur is a human summoned by The One True God, Tetral- or Tet, for short- into a reality foreign to himself. The world itself is ancient, having it's own enriching lore of magical conquest between the fifteen chosen races and the Old Gods, but most of that is only tangential to Draga's goals.

Finally, after years of effort, he and a select few have earned the right to challenge Tetral to a game. By Tet's decree, those who beat him are offered a wish- allowing them anything, which he will grant them to the best of his abilities. Draga's wish is simple... "I want to play the best game there is for the rest of my life."

Being all powerful, it's a cinch, and Draga is soon warped away into another reality. Unfortunately... It's not exactly the best game from his perspective.

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goes well

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I love fantasy god stories

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