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Fighting Spirit (episode 1: A Graelock Samurai)

Cooper Autry

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eastern fantasy


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Publication: 05.06.2019 — 05.06.2019

Description of the story "Fighting Spirit (episode 1: A Graelock Samurai)"

Hey there, my name's Marko. I'm twenty-eight years old and scrape a hard living in the eastern kingdom of Duartha. I'm also a graelock, which means a lot of the khronosauns around here don't take too kindly to me. Oh, you don't know what a graelock is? Well, just count yourself lucky you don't have to be one. It really bites.

Uh-oh, looks like a couple of kids have gotten themselves into trouble. If you'll excuse me, I gotta' go save their lives. Try to keep up!

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