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Final Fantasy: Warriors of Light (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

Series: Final Fantasy (adaptation)

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magic, monsters, hope


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Ongoing: 03 Jun 45 pages

Publication: 25.05.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Final Fantasy: Warriors of Light (book 1)"

A great darkness shrouded the world...
The wind died.
The sea raged.
The earth began to decay.
Only a prophecy kept hope alive in people's hearts
"When the darkness veils the world four warriors of light will come."
After journeying far at last four young warriors did appear
Each holding in their hand, a mysterious crystal.

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Greencap Frog 29.05.2019, 00:42:38

Every character right now seems archetypal. However; you are giving them quite an intro before the main part of where the game actually starts... It's reading like a D&D session. And that's good since you seem committed to playing out four different character arcs rather than the one you started with.

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Jake A. Strife 29.05.2019, 16:58:17

Greencap Frog, I wanted them to be somewhat archetypal given that's how the game in itself is set up. But yeah, I always wanted to give them personality. Yes, each character will get an arc, so they are all equally as important. I could have just made it all about Warrior, but that wouldn't do the Warriors of Light justice. Later FF games even give all the mains arcs... usually. Although, I didn't care for XV... even though there were 4 characters... it felt mostly about Noctus.

Greencap Frog 28.05.2019, 05:24:48

The first chapter was quite interesting; seeing why the warrior set out and painting him with a bit of humanity was refreshing. Unfortunately, the site is sending me a lot of "Bad Gate" errors.
Also, cutting of the hero and calling him "Warrior" before the name reveal was very smart, and I enjoy the initial encounter between the Warrior and Thief.

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Jake A. Strife 28.05.2019, 16:04:27

Greencap Frog, I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter! And I'm sorry the website is being buggy.
Yeah, I wanted to give the heroes actual stories, since FF1 had nothing. If they remade it today I'm sure they'd do the same. :)

Michael Knight 26.05.2019, 20:10:46

you have given it a nice shape

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Jake A. Strife 26.05.2019, 21:17:20

Michael Knight, Thanks! :)

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