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Brad Emshwiller

Story about:
lucid dreams, sleep paralysis


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#2 in Paranormal
#4 in Supernaturals

Complete 17 pages

Publication: 30.11.2019 — 30.11.2019

Description of book "Flight"

A man's pursuit of lucid dreams - and the wonderful, dreaming capacity for flight - spirals into a nightmare he can't control. A darkness infests his life, spreading from the deep well of sleep. Unfamiliar shapes haunt his halls; strange sounds echo in his mind. He is not alone.

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HypGothic guru 06.12.2019, 02:21:40

ooh very cool this one!

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Brad Emshwiller 06.12.2019, 11:04:09

Glad you liked it.

HypGothic guru 06.12.2019, 02:22:30

popped it in my library to remember to give it a second read. So much depth to this.

Samuel Strock 30.11.2019, 12:23:44

I have always wanted to fly, it's the only superpower I need

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