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For A Risk Of Darkness

N.J. Harlow

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greek mythology, mythology, modern romance


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Publication: 28.11.2019 — 29.11.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "For A Risk Of Darkness"

Meet Persephone, a bright, witty, nature photographer with a secret. She is the Goddess of Spring. Unknowingly to her, she has captured the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. Moody and sharp around the edges, Hades was in no mood for love, he only came to earth to look for his dog...

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Ryo Francis 30.11.2019, 19:26:45

Love your new take - so charming :)

Easy to read - thanks

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N.J. Harlow 30.11.2019, 23:05:42

Thank you for the nice comment. Appreciate it. Glad you like it

Ruechari guru 29.11.2019, 15:06:01

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Thank you!

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N.J. Harlow 29.11.2019, 21:41:48

Ruechari, Did do. Thank you

Loreal Farmer 29.11.2019, 21:30:54

your 1st chapter is a repetition of the same text all the time

The last comment in the thread:

N.J. Harlow 29.11.2019, 21:41:16

Loreal Farmer, Thank you so much for letting me know, I did fix it. Hope you enjoy the short story. Happy reading

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