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Forced love of lucifer

Forced love of lucifer

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mature audience, darkromance, forcedmarriage

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#7 in Romantic fantasy
#2 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 01 Dec 100 pages

Publication: 01.12.2019 — ...

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Veraldine Dike 03.12.2019, 18:10:41

Why is it too abusive, the beating is much, is woman second class citizen in ur place,pls reduce the bad treatment and make Neha strong for once, put a balance in the character, but the story is good

Ana 02.12.2019, 19:23:27

Hey why's ur book is showing blocked I just can't read it

Madhu Krishna Sridhevi 02.12.2019, 16:07:06

Hey neha ur book s blocked why yar

Joko Fabela 02.12.2019, 00:35:00

oh, I love this

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Forced love of lucifer 02.12.2019, 03:51:33

thank you so much buddy

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