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Forced to be his

Farzana Tutul

Story about:
love betrayal and forgiveness, lovehate, love & tragedy


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#5 in Romantic suspense
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Publication: 06.10.2019 — 14.10.2019

Description of book "Forced to be his"

Ayan was madly in love . But , not with the girl who he was supposed to marry. But to the girl who was her sister and whom he rejected at first. And, the most important thing was she hated him from the core of her heart . After many planning and plottings he finally succeeded to marry her. But , at the day of their marriage everything changed. He lost his memories and the girl he loved . And , his love was in a grave danger. He had to reach her before someone else does. Would he become successful to find her and forced her to be his? Or , he would lost her forever.

( Cantains exploitation and abuse)

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Cathy Evans 17.10.2019, 19:34:51

when you publish book2?

Miri Golden 16.10.2019, 00:57:22

well, the ending is uncertain

Hannah Parizo 15.10.2019, 16:15:42

Excellent, when will you publish book2?

Kessily Brunet 14.10.2019, 14:13:23

waiting for the second part

Dorothy Obeng 14.10.2019, 12:30:46

I love it

Karoline Stars 13.10.2019, 23:39:23

OMG, what are you doing to me girl

Victoria Harbour 07.10.2019, 17:43:26

very interesting plot, I've added it

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Victoria Harbour 12.10.2019, 13:23:21

Farzana Tutul, I'm enjoying it!!!

Cindy Bwalya 11.10.2019, 18:15:53

hopefully it's complete

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