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Found in the Land of Fairy Tales


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Description of the story "Found in the Land of Fairy Tales"

The sequel to 'LOST IN PARADISE.'

Lela has just moved in with her new boyfriend, Alexander.

This wouldn't be too much of an issue, if it weren't because he is a hot, upcoming Danish actor, who travels across the globe.

What is Lela supposed to do in Europe, Asia, or even Canada, where the differences from Puerto Rico are as high as the sky? How will she behave when Alex's picture-perfect ex-girlfriend (and heaven-sent gorgeous co-workers) start flocking around him like bees on honey, the moment they see him?

Accompany Lela in her new adventure: meeting the in-laws, hanging out with tough Vikings and falling even harder for her very own Ivar the Boneless.

**I do NOT own anything but the OCs and the storyline. Any similarity to people, events or places is coincidental or ficticious

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