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From Omega To Sigma

Lynn Li Tung

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From Omega to Sigma
A Litnet Short Story by Tung Lynn Li


Footsteps. They know I'm here.


I ran and I ran. I don't know where I'm going, I just know I need to get away.

CRACK! Ouch! Stupid twig! They have to be in the places and moments you don't want them to be. And- argh! Bloody branch of bushes. I can stand wounds from the nips and bites and scratches and slashes from my pack members (it's a wolf's life), but half-dried leaves, cobwebs, and other bush stuff in my glossy white coat? How unsophisticated!

Keep running, keep running, keep running, keep running, keep running. Don't look back, just keep running!

Through the forest and the pines and the bushes and the streams. Dashing and swerving for miles. It's second nature for me to do this. I've been hunting and playing

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