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from Slave to Ruler

Mister E

Series: from Slave to Ruler

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romance, fantasy, feminism


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#69 in Fantasy
#145 in Romance

Ongoing: 17 Sep 107 pages

Publication: 24.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "from Slave to Ruler"

Aaron James, becoming a Victim.
Afflicted, banished in a new world, towering with Racism.
Reincarnation? Maybe. Finding himself as a slave of a brutal race, Dominating.

Kasteremas, a Subrace, or subreed?
With a Black line through their face,
from the top of the brow to underneath the Chin, a rather graceful birthmark,
but a big mistake in History, evil within.

Slaves on the Shore, blood and gore a daily task. Fix of Underpopulation? No! Evil with a mask.
Work or die, lay with a man or perish, kill or be killed, DIE! Were the options they have been given, what power did they have to refuse, they would die without being offered a Coffin.

Zamerians, worshippers of 3 Gods. With an Army of 10,000. Puppet Masters for the puppets, wiping out their greatest competition through Lies! DEMONS!

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Katie Von 15.09.2019, 20:04:00

only can say that it is a very enjoyable book

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Mister E 15.09.2019, 21:15:00

My paranoid self wants to give it a slight rewrite after i complete the first book lol.

Paris Nobriga 04.09.2019, 19:24:06

are you a man or a woman? seems like it's written by a woman

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Paris Nobriga 14.09.2019, 20:28:57

Mister E, it´s good you remember that:D

Miri Golden 31.08.2019, 13:02:31

I like that you are mentioning the question of men-women equality

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Mister E 03.09.2019, 13:34:22

Miri Golden, they will eventually. Don't worry.

Peter Bishop 25.08.2019, 19:17:28

I´m going to read it right now!!!

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Mister E 30.08.2019, 16:44:14

Peter Bishop, yeah because it is a poorly thought out plot lol. while this new book has the plot prewriten.

Mister E 29.08.2019, 12:52:57


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