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B. Lois

Text includes:
teenage pregnancy, romanticism, question of identity


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#4 at Historical Romance
#17 at Young adult

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Publication: 03.12.2018 — ...
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Annotation to the book "Gesiye"

When History is repeated, once is a mare chance, twice is another dance. Set in the small town of Odi in the deep rain-forest of Southern Nigeria, Gesiye is a story that spans three generations of amazing women. It mirrors the way our world has transformed with the constant evolution of the female child and appreciates the landmarks of girl child education. Three women, one history one, same crime, same scar yet they won't give up or give in. If history repeats itself, should our fears be repeated? It's about love and deception, secrets buried and identities forever marred. It would thrill you!

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Kelli Callahan 09.12.2018, 12:23:54

great story!

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Kelli Callahan 11.12.2018, 13:33:17

B. Lois, thank you for more chapters!

Lucy Roy 10.12.2018, 13:16:29

Ina seems to be a very strong woman

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B. Lois 11.12.2018, 09:23:53

Lucy Roy, yes she is a dynamic character

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