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Ghost Town

J.M. Kubin

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ghost, young adult, coming of age


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#8 at Suspense
#63 at Young adult

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Publication: 04.12.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "Ghost Town"

The tiny, unsuspecting town of Cedarbrush, MA becomes part of a nationwide conversation when the hit paranormal documentary "GHOST TOWN" hits streaming services - everyone is talking about whether the ghost of Angela Millikin really haunts Cedarbrush, and people come in droves to try to see the ghost for themselves.

There is someone who would rather the mystery remain unsolved: Angela's daughter Penelope, a 17-year-old outcast who has always had her doubts about her mother's brutal murder. Will Penelope outrun her mother, or will the ghost of her always be right behind her?

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Kelli Callahan 04.12.2018, 13:01:42

let's start reading it!

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