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Hades Online: Succubus 2

Alex Itsios

Story about:
succubus, harem, vampires and demons


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Publication: 05.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Hades Online: Succubus 2"

I am Zephyros, outcast and lawbreaker, now sentenced to worst punishment my judges could serve – to become a disposable soldier made to die in war against the enemy, the demon lords. So, who could have thought that I could overcome my punishment to become the greatest warrior of the Emissaries of Elysium and the leader of a team of the four of the sexiest woman warriors on Earth?

I have now obtained more than I could possibly wish for, but of course, there is always a catch. You see I’ve fallen in love with our greatest enemy, a sexy, smoldering succubus, and as every soldier in the Emissary army is, my mission is to kill her, whatever the cost.

Torn between the demoness I love with all my soul and my team, my army, all humanity, how am I going to decide where my loyalty lies?

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Angel Lederhouse 08.01.2020, 15:24:54

can we wait for some updates?

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Alex Itsios 10.01.2020, 12:13:02

Angel Lederhouse, Hi Angel,

That's a sample of my stories, the rest can be found on my amazon page.

But I'm preparing a few stories that I'll be publishing the next few weeks.

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